In these days, it is very difficult to live without connected. Most of us have to handle at least a small list of emails, messages, updates,  notifications, status updates and reminders on each day. Some of us having friends abroad or having mails from other countries speaking a different language. Some times we may receive some messages from unknown person in an unknown language. Earlier it was a big problem to handle such issues, as there was no person available nearby to translate to another language and also it is not possible one to learn all the languages. Thanks to translator tools- it helped us to translate messages or files easily. Google had recently announced that it is increasing everyone’s free storage in Gmail from 7.5 GB to 10 GB. Now another good news for Gmail users.


Gmail users will now be able to translate e-mails in foreign languages into the their own, with new Gmail feature. Google is bringing translate feature to Gmail which will let users translate mails automatically into their own language. Suppose, If you get a mail in a foreign language, you can click on the Translate message in the header at the top of the message and the message will appear in your language. If you don’t need translation for that language, you can also turn off the translation by clicking on Turn off.


Now check how the translation possible with Gmail.  When you receive a message in a language other than your own, just click on ‘Translate message’ in the header at the top of the message (as shown below),


the message will be instantly translated into your language (as shown below):


if you’d like to automatically have messages in that language translated into your language, click ‘Always Translate’. If you accidentally turned off the message translation feature for a particular language, or don’t see the ‘Translate message’ header on a message, click on the down arrow next to Reply at the top-right of the message pane and select the ‘Translate message’ option in the drop-down.

What you think about this new feature from Gmail? Is it really helpful? Can you give some another ways to translate emails easily? Do you have any idea to translate emails in other mail services like Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc. ?


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