If you are new to email marketing, it is a type of digital marketing of sending emails to prospects and customers. You may be noticed that in your email account you may get hundreds of emails every month related to product and service promotions and various updates without requesting it. These are marketing campaigns send by some agency or an individual to get more customers to their business. Nowadays, everyone has at least one email account. We can send emails to a single person or to a group of the person using the email service. But it is not easy to send hundreds of personal emails by mentioning their name in the email content. When we address someone by using their name, they may get attracted to the message. In those email services, you may not have any idea about is the email received, opened and clicked by the end-user.

To send bulk emails, you need an email list of your targeted customers. You need an email service offering unmetered emails to anyone. A good newsletter template to create eye catchy emails to attract your customer’s attention, and finally, you need some tools to monitor the user’s activity like clicks, visits, geographic location, etc. A normal email service is not meant for marketing purposes, so it cannot offer all those features to you. You need some special service that specially designed for email marketing to speed up your marketing endeavor. Email Newsletters are the bread and butter of your email marketing campaign. You can welcome your customers to your platform, inform about an upcoming event or promotion in an attractive way. Sometimes you need a personalized bulk email service to inform your members about an event or a program. In that case, you don’t want any marketing application, you only need a mail merge tool to send bulk emails using your email service.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are designed to manage your interactions with current and potential customers in an easy way. You can create pipelines, pipelines are a visual representation of any type of interaction or a sale process in a series of steps.

Mail Chimp
Let’s start with Mail chimp, an all in one marketing application. Mail chimp has a drag-and-drop builder, you can use pre-designed templates to create relevant emails. You can keep all your images and files in their content studio for always getting it from anywhere. You can automate the work, it can send the right email to the right person at the right time without doing the same work every time. You can track engagement, growth, clicks, bought, downloaded and more in real-time.

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If your company or your website or product has an email subscriber list, then you can convert those casual readers into subscribers. The visual automation tool allows knowing where your subscribers are from and how they are acting on your campaign. You can group subscribers with tags and segments to send targeted content newsletters based on their interests. They are offering a prize of $10,000 plus a free year of Converkit, a year of coaching with one of their account managers as part of their landing page challenge.

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Opinmonster’s powerful drag and drop builder helps you to create highly optimized high conversion rate Optin forms. You can also start with pr-made templates. You can create multi-step yes or no forms to improve conversation and sales. It can target inactive visitors and convert them into subscribers. You can personalize campaigns based on visitors’ location. It also supports A/B testing of your ideas to increase conversation.

Get Response
Getresponse is a marketing software platform to create content, boost sales and traffic to your product or website. It has email marketing tools, autoresponders, landing pages and analytics to track your marketing campaign.

Sendinblue offers A/B testing (split test) to analyze the variation in the campaign to learn what works best for you and what doesn’t work. The A or B test is a way of test the two different variations of an email campaign to find the most successful variation of your campaign. You can start an email or SMS or social ad campaign through Sendinblue.

Constant Contact
You can create professional responsive email templates with the editor of the Constant contact. You can greet new subscribers with a welcome email, automatically resend emails to non-opers, segment contacts to send the right messages with this tool. You can upload contacts from Excel, Outlook, Salesforce and from other contact lists.

There are a number of email marketing applications available on the market to build lists, send emails and connect with your target audience faster than ever before. Aweber, Drip, Mailerlite, Activecampaign are some of the popular applications. Almost all applications have a free account to start with, but the number of people in your account is limited. Up to 1000 subscribers and up to 12000 emails per month mailerlite is free, beyond that you have to pay fees based on the subscriber count. Mailchimp’s free plan has a subscriber limit of 2000 and can send 10,000 emails per month. If you are having less than 2000 subscribers and expected to send less than 10,000 emails per month, a free plan is sufficient for you. You can upgrade your plan when your subscribers grow. The A/B testing and some other features are may not be available for free users. You can also check the best email marketing software to run an email marketing application from your own server.


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