There are a lot of manufacturers in the market offering computers with different specifications and different features. But it won’t satisfy all the users, those want to add something special or more powerful to their machines. The most exciting thing to built your own Pc, based on your own configuration is, you can make it as powerful as you want and you can add as much as features you want. The branded PC’s have there owned limitations, they offer some good after sale service support, but to extend the features of the computer is limited. You can add RAM to the readymade models if the company allowed it, but you cannot go further as it violets it’s warranty and guaranty rules, which may not good for average users.

If you are a person keen on updating your technical and hardware knowledge, you can easily build a custom PC based on your requirements with the help of a computer technician. As internet technology is rapidly progressing there is not many hindrances to finding interesting stuff from online. All you want to do is, check some good hardware forums and sites offering computer-related recommendations, reviews and suggestions. Write down the specification that you want and compare the features with related items to find the best one (best performing, best gaming, etc.) for your needs. Once you find the items that you want to build, you can check some online sites offering great deals on the products. You can check with multiple sites, to find the best deals. Never forget to check, the ratings, reviews, comments, and suggestions from other users. Because they can suggest the product or a similar one based on their experience. You don’t want to spoil your money. Never depend only on a single review, as it may be from a manufacturer or from distributor intended to increase the sales. Go for customer reviews, if you find any bad comments check the issue in detail in other sites. If it is true, check the benchmark results, you can available it for free from hardware sites. You can search in your favorite search engine about “CPU Benchmark Charts”. If you cannot find any results do an image search using the same keyword. It will surely show some bunch mark scores. Go to the site from the image and read their review. Based on these suggestions you can decide the best stuff to build your custom PC. You can have the choice of your components, so you can use the best components available on the market. You don’t have this freedom in a branded PC. Moreover, you will get separate warranties or guarantees from the manufacturer for those products that you used. So you have the freedom to choose the most valued items from most reputed manufacturers. On readymade PCs, there is typically a warranty on the whole system for one year or for two years, but in the assembled, there is no such warranty for the whole system, instead, if you purchased good items from the reputed brands, most of the components will themselves have warranties from the manufacturers. Moreover, you can decide which operating system you want to use. Here we are going to give some idea about some sites and tools to help you to build a custom PC from scratch.

CPU Benchmarks

In this site using the PassMark Software 600K+ systems tested and 1,200+ CPU models tested. PassMark Software has delivered thousands of benchmark results. The performance test users tested PCs and have posted the results to the web site. You can view five Intel vs AMD CPU charts to help compare the relative speeds of the different processors. In this list, you can find CPUs designed for servers and workstations (Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors), desktop CPUs (Intel Core2 Quad, Intel Core i7, Intel Core2 Extreme, and AMD Phenom II processors), in addition to mobile CPUs.  The cart is divided into high-end CPU chart, high to mid-range CPU chart, low to mid-range CPU chart and low-end CPU chart. If you’re worried about power consumption, you can view the power performance chart.  You can also see the approximate price of each item on its the right side. The benchmarking score is updated daily or weekly. So you can find the performance of the latest CPU’s, before purchasing them.


PCpartpicker is easy to use the site to find the matching products for your custom build PCs. The regularly updated list can be arranged based on various factors like ratings, speed, performance, etc. In the table like column, press the column title to arrange the list based in the title. For example, if you want to arrange the table based on rating, click the ‘rating’ title, the list will instantly arrange accordingly, you can change it in ascending or descending order. If you want to check the part list, go to the pcpartpicker part list page. If you want to arrange the products based on the benchmark score go to the overall benchmark score page. The page can be displayed using various benchmark technologies available on the market. Check the performance, gaming, productivity and video rendering capability of processors before buying it. This page will really help us to optimize the system for better performance in our desired application. This is one of the main factors in choosing a custom build pc than a branded one. Branded one may be configured for an average user, so it is very tough to configure it for your specific needs. If you want a system for video rendering or graphics applications, all the parts used should be performing high in the desired application, which will enhance the overall system performance.


Tomshardware offers hardware reviews, updates, benchmark and performance details. Their in-depth analysis will help you to reach the right decision in a very short time.  There extensive review, performance and benchmark chart are the key things to find the best items for your need. You can see the latest items from the manufactures. You can also read about the upcoming products, so you can wait for some time to arrive it on the shelves to buy. For the custom build PC’s based on user suggestions, go to Tomshardware newbuild forum, where you can find a different configuration that you can select from.

You can check Kichentablecomputers also. You can check the pugetsystems site, to view different configurations. You can check the best computer components from sellers like Amazon, or Newegg PC Parts Picker, to get the products reviews, ratings and for best deals.  For Indian users, Amazon India or Flipkart offers some best deals on computer parts with user ratings and reviews. Share your experience as comments about your new PC purchase and configurations.


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