Building a web presence is now too much easy.This is not the case before 5 years when I entered in to Internet as a web designer.One needs to do a dozens of code,checking fro errors,publishing one by one.The work is more tedious and time consuming and a little resources are available online to guide through the design process.So If anyone doing is design alone and no way to get any expert help,or non availability of experienced person then it may take days or week to complete the job.Now things are changed.When doing a search about building a site,the result is flooded with lot of information and there is even heavy competition between advertisers for promoting their product.Most website builders-offline and online-offering free web templates,so now a user can build their site within minutes,by just altering the text and make the simple color selection.

Here is a list of some good website builders- both offline and online-which helps you to build your site within minutes.Some of them offers free and paid hosting for your site also.You can download desktop website builders and can test online website builders for free.

Bluevoda – {Download}


This is one of  the first free website builder that I used earlier.The main features are, pre-designed web templates, one click publishing features to move on internet and unlimited number of websites you can create.This is website builder from VodaHost, Total Downloads till now is:  3,121,274,Release Version:10.2,  Requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista,  Size:  4.1 MB.

Weebly   {Online}


One of the easiest web designing stuff which help;ps you to build your blog and site instantly, one of its main feature is its easy drag and drop interface, no need of any technical skills, tons of professional designs in showcase and host your domain for free of cost.


Google Sites  {Online}

I myself  used it to build a personal profile page to submit it to companies as part of my job hunt.The nice looking interface, most secure, user friendly website builder are all important factors,besides that this is a service providing by Google at free of cost. jotspot-wiki

So you need only a Gmail account to start to make your own website.You can easily build website’s home pages and link up your sub pages and as well you can promote your websites.Google sites offers unlimited bandwidth but you will get only 100 MB space. You can also easily monetize it by using adsense,analytics etc.

Site2you – {Online}


The main factor for considering site2you as the next site builder is,you can make your site by using 3 clicks ! You have also live demo options,and can get customize your websites and make your full websites within minutes.Site2You offers one Content Management System. It has a user friendly admin panel designed for website editing.

Sitecube   – {Online/Download}


The next site builder that I am going to mentioning here is Sitecube- a professional website builder-as per their site-Designer website Builder This is a do it yourself webdesign tool with 9000 theme design possibilities, free domain, hosting, email and a lot of other facilities are also offering.

Homestead  – {Online}


Take a look at how it works.Pick from 2,000 professionally designed websites.Quickly add your own logo, graphics, text, and domain name.Click one button to publish your site to the web (we host it).

Cool build  – {Online}


This will help you to make business or store instantaneously.You can build professional websites and online store websites without loosing any penny from your hand.

Netidnow  – {Online}


Netidnow helps you to build an ecommerce web store within a minutes.You can create a website or ecommerce web store within minutes.Web studio website builder make it easy.

There are a lot of other website building stuff online and offline.Some of them are also just mentioning try it yourself like- buildwebsite4u ; Handzon ; Doodlekit ; Webbizbuilder ;Ezgenerator etc.Use all the tools and experience your experience 9good/bad).So other users can also check it and find a better one.If you find a better webdesigning software or stuff please report to us.So we can add it to this list.



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