Don’t have enough money to buy an Apple iPad, but having an android device and want to get a feel of iPad. Don’t worry, here is a solution for you. The problem is to install an IOS on a cheap Android device is it will not work on the cheap hardware as it is intended to build for Apple’s iPad or iPhone hardware specifications. Some people did some attempt to install IOS on Android devices, but the success rate is very low. Here we are not going to play with your lovely Android device, instead of we are using some themes, which provides the look and feel of an IOS device.IOS theme

Espier Launcher (Free)

   The first one to mention is the Espier Launcher. It is a desktop for your smartphone or tablet which is based on Android 2.2 or later. Espier Launcher brings you an entirely a different interaction experience, and makes your smartphone or tablet to be different from others. Espier even functions like an iPhone–swipe left to search your phone, create folders by dragging app icons over each other, swipe up to reveal the multitasking toolbar, and view notification counts on messages and missed calls.

Espier Launcher

Espier Theme

     Espier says it makes your Phone look like an iPhone or iPod even an iPad. To install the theme, open Theme Downloader, Click on the theme You want to download, after you download on the status bar on top, should say Download finished, just click on it and the theme you just downloaded should be installed on espier Launcher.

Espier theme       Espier-theme

Blasted Glass Espier Theme

   The blasted glass espier theme makes your Phone look like an iPhone or iPod even an iPad, the theme changes the overall Looks (see the screenshot shown below).

Blasted Glass Espier Theme

FAKE IPAD 3 screen  (Free)

      Do you wish to have the latest mini iPad 3 on your Android Phone? Do you want to trick your friends into thinking you have the new iPad 3? Then here is a free cool app for you. Fake iPad3 screen app is a fully functional, full-screen working replica of the iPad 3 home screen.

fakeipad3    fakeipad3 screen

iPad3 Screen (Free)

   You can easily turn your Android into the iPad3. One of the best feature is, many icons and themes are available for this app which will give you a unique experience. Most the apps can really work with your existing Android apps.

iPad3 Screen       iPad3-Screen

   These free apps are a better option to change the look and feel of your Android device. As it is based on a theme, you don’t want to spoil your Android device. What you think about this themes? Did it gives a feel like an iPad? Do you have any idea to install IOS on Android device?


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