The integrated development environment (IDE) is a must have tools of web developers to develop attractive web pages. There are a lot of free and paid IDE’s are available. As increasing the number of web development platforms and tools more and more web developers with great passion and high creativity choosing the field of lucrative web development. The competition among the browser developers force them to add more features to be included free with their browsers. Moreover, they want to develop suitable websites for clutter free viewing, which enables the addition of integrated source code editing and WYSIWYG tools for web development. Here is a look at Chrome browser’s developer tool is enabled for the Google’s home page.

The WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get ) type of editors gives you a view of what you will get after the scripting (sometimes) and development.  Think that the browser has a good set of development tools, it will automatically becomes the best tool for web development, as it provides the live view of the site in actual environment.  As of now, all major browsers include tools for developers in their browsers. For example, Chrome has special developer tools, under tools in settings menu which give you a good picture of how the page loads, and how that impacts the performance of the browser. The profiling and auditing tools let you know how you can trim the large and bulky site and optimize the web application easily.

Firefox Scratchpad

In the case of Opera, it includes Dragonfly, which also has a similar feature set.  Firefox has also have two good tools, the Style Editor and the Scratchpad, which are for testing CSS and JavaScript. The style editor allows you to enter CSS code, and you can see it applying on the page instantly. Scratchpad allows you to run arbitrary JavaScript code against the current page. A similar tool for HTML is also in development. Apple’s Safari browser also has  a good development tool included with it. It has a web inspector,  script pane, audit pane and console planes are embedded.

One of the main advantage of these tools than others is all the tools are open source tools for web development and also written in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Thinkdigit had compared a list of such IDE’s, which you can view from here.

Chrome browser’s developer tools


Opera browser’s developer tools


Firefox browser’s developer tools


Above three short previews of developer tools of three popular bowsers are included. The videos will give an overview od it’s features. Most of the developer tools are upgraded with more features with the release of regular  browser updates. Which developer tool you are using to find bugs in websites? Did you know how to use the browser developer tool to optimize the site speed for better performance ?


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