Buying the Best Camcorder

In these days with a mobile phone, one can shoot High definition videos or even 4K videos without any knowledge. Funny clips from your family adventure to crazy shots of sports action can easily shoot without any effort. But are you a budding film maker or want to do more with videos, do you want to shoot stunning 4K videos? Then definitely yo need an advanced camcorder. Here is the right gadgets to deliver impressive performance.

Camcorders are portable device that can records both video and audio onto a storage device (like, solid state flash memory  cards,DVDs or to an inbuilt hard drive). Camcorders offers advanced features and manual controls like manual focus, manual exposure settings and microphone input settings. It can also capture still images like an ordinary point and shoot digital camera. You have to check the sensor features and resolution, ability to adjust focus manually or automatically, optical zoom (20X, 50X), manual exposure settings (if needed), in camera effects, microphone sensitivity and technology (like, Dolby digital), external microphone or headset supports, Variangle display, connectivity (NFC,WiFi), supported recording mediums and type of memory cards supported, recording formats available (so you can edit with your favorite video editing program) and last but not the least image stabilization and correction, as your capturing the visuals in handheld mode.

Basic Camcorders

In this section camcorders meant for amateur applications like family vacations and capturing events. Even the title says it as basic, but have some advanced features too. Most of this type camcorders have a 20x or more optical zoom with an advanced lens system, high dynamic range (popularly known as, HDR) video capturing capability, Back Side Illumination (BSI) sensor to suppresses noise, and in the video part, Full-HD (1080p) videos with slow motion video capture abilities. WiFi and NFC may be included in these type of cameras to instantly connect to your phone and broadcast events in real time. You can control the camcorder from your mobile phone, so you don’t need someone’s help to capture your own adventures ! You can expect a bunch of creative filters and effects in these cameras. You can expect a good quality sound recording. Some cameras (like Panasonic) supports 5-Axis hybrid optical image stabilization, that offers five-axis correction to suppress blurring in videos. The level shot function automatically detects and corrects tilting of captured images.

Panasonic HD Camcorder HC-V785,  Panasonic HD Camcorder HC-W580

4K Camcorders

These are new range of camcorders, with 4K recording capability. These cameras can produce fantastic, clear, sharp videos with faithful colors. These cameras have more advanced automatic tracking of subjects and stabilization techniques. Sony cameras have OLED displays, which looks tremendous. The microphone can handle Dolby surround sound recordings. These are lightweight and compact siblings of the gigantic professional versions. Most of these type of camcorders have several visual effects like background defocus feature and manual camera controls to overpower shutter speed, aperture and white balance.

Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Camcorder HC-VX985, Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Camcorder HC-WXF995, Camcorder HC-WXF990, Sony FDR-AX100 4K , Sony FDR-AX53

Action Cameras
These are new gen cameras we want to introduce to you. You may heared about GoPro cameras. These are advanced action camera perfect for shooting sports that you can play back on your TV or can upload to Youtube. It can capture shots with better audio with noise reduction, even in wind. It also have some video stabilization mechanism and importantly it is waterproof, for water based and off-road adventures. If you want to shoot 360-degree video, there are some small action cameras are available in market that can shoot in 4K resolution like Nikon KeyMission 360. It’s waterproof and shockproof camera and  you can play your footage on a Virtual Reality headset, online or through an app.

GoPro Hero 5, Nikon KeyMission 360, Sony FDR-X3000R, Kodak PixPro SP360

Professional Camcorders

If you need professional quality videos for broadcasting, you need some good professional production quality handheld camcorders. With this you can shoot scenes exactly the way you see it with detailed image adjustment functions such as color correction, skin tone detail, hue adjustment, gain assist and auto exposure. It gives you the total creative control and freedom than a normal camcorder. Most of these cameras comes with interchangeable lens mount system that offers you the added flexibility of using a range of interchangeable video lenses for more creative expression. These cameras have exceptional exposure control and in-built Neutral Density filters for added image control when shooting under bright conditions. The advanced Optical Image Stabilizer comes with these cameras use gyroscopic sensors to detect even the slightest camera shake, which is then automatically compensated for using a Vari-Angle Prism. You can expect more features such as marker display, focus assist options, zebra pattern and color bars on these cameras. Professional camcorders use better image processor with 3-CMOS sensor system that delivers optimal image quality, at 50 Mbps or higher capacity data recording.

Canon XA30, XA35,XF105,XF205, XF305, Sony HXR-NX range, Sony FDR-AX1, Sony NEX-FS700RH, Sony HXR-NX5R, Panasonic AG-HPX255.
Panasonic  HDC-Z10000EZ is a 3D twin-lens with dual 3MOS sensor camera.


The decision is yours, considering your budget and purpose, you can select the best camcorder from the market. If you need it for family vacations or capturing family events a basic rig is sufficient. I has all the basic ingredients for your need and have better connectivity. If you need a more advanced camera you can select one based on your budget. Looking for some action cameras or for some all weather cameras, there is a growing list of action cameras available on the market. You may get an earlier model at half the price of a new one. Which camcorder you are using now?