In this era of electronic maps and GPS system, traveling becomes more fun and tension free. There are a number of online mapping tools available like Google map, Bing map, yahoo maps, etc. These maps are good for finding destinations and travel routes. You can easily find your favorite destinations, places to visit around, hotels and lodges available in that area, road, train routes, the distance between towns, and a lot more. Yes, all things are good, but how to get a screenshot of the map to make and take a printed with you. Most online mapping application doesn’t have a screenshot feature. So, to get capture online map is a bit tricky.

To take a screenshot of a map (thinking you don’t have any screenshot capture tool), enter a destination or point of interest to find the location, adjust the map using the zoom button or using your mouse. If everything ok, align the map on your screen and press ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard. Now the full image on the screen is captured as a screenshot. Now open an image editing program such as Microsoft Paint or Create a new document in the program and paste the image (Ctrl+V) on the program. Find the crop tool to crop the image and save the map as any one of the popular image formats like jpg or png.

The best way is to use the ‘Snipping tool’ or any other screenshot tool to capture the map. If you are using the Snipping tool, you can use the pen and highlighter tool to mark the road, driving direction and places to visit using different color pens. You can highlight tourist spots. You can plan the driving directions and finally, you can save it as a popular image file like jpg or png. Another way is, if you are using Chrome or Firefox browser, use extensions like ‘Awesome screenshot’ to get the screenshot of the webpage. You can save the screenshot and can open it later to edit it in image editing programs. You can add driving direction to it by opening it in Paint.

To take the screenshot you can use Greenshot, it is a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows. You can use Jing to create images and videos of what you see on your computer screen. Another tool is Skitch from Evernote. Which is your favorite tool? Which method are you using to mark and take a screenshot of your driving directions and route map?


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