These days online exams are more popular to analyze the skills of the student through the internet. Online assessment saves companies a lot of time and money, so companies are also using online assessments. The test taker can take the assessment at their home using their own devices. The instructor gets instant feedback about the chosen topic, the teacher can evaluate the performance of an individual. Online assessments also allow to take a practice test before an actual test. Everything is good, but how to create an exam online to conduct an online exam for your students. Google forms offer tools to create quizzes and assessments using forms.

Google Forms
Google forms is a survey app to create and edit online surveys and quizzes. You need to sign in to Google forms using your Google account (you can use your existing Gmail or other Google account) log in credentials. After login to Google forms goes to Personal forms, then click the Blank+ to create a new form or you can choose a template from the template gallery. To view, the complete template gallery (just like the above), clicks the arrows next to the template gallery.

If you choose the Blank quiz template, you can see a readymade template like the above. At the Blank Quiz rename with your Quiz title. Add a description below. Then add a question. You can select a short answer, multiple-choice, checkboxes, dropdown, multiple choice grid, checkbox grid from the drop-down menu. Here we are using the Multiple choices, after entering the question, enter the options. You can add options by clicking the add options and add other. If you plant to auto-grade the quiz, you can give the correct answer at the Answer key. To add answer click the Answer key, now you can choose the correct answer from the provided options (just like the picture below). You can also set the points to the answer, here we are given 2 points per answer. You can also add a default point using the Preferences from More. To access the preferences, click more (the three vertical dots) in the popup menu click preferences. In the Default settings popup box, give a Default quiz point value and the checkbox is ticked to enable it.

To add question click the Add question (+ sign) on the right panel. You can also import questions from other forms using Import questions (just below the + sign). You can add title and description, add photos, videos and add sections to your quiz using the right panel. Just add some questions to learn the usage of the panel.

Create an Answer key
If you want to auto-grade the quiz, you can give answer keys and points to each question. In your quiz, to add a question, click Add question on the right panel. Fill out your question and answers. In the bottom left of the question, click the Answer key. Choose the answer or answers that are correct. You can assign a point to each question. Complete the questions and answer keys. To see the quiz, click Preview (eye icon) on the top menu. Try to answer the questions to make sure that everything working fine.

You can create an Assessment using the assessment template. Fill the template and add questions to the assessment.

Event Registration
You can create event registration forms using the event registration template. Give event timings, date and contact details.

Course Evaluation
Using the template you can create a feedback form regarding the course that had completed. The users can give feedback on course structure, content and instructor using the readymade template.

Send the form to others
Wondering how to send the form to others to fill. After completing your form click preview to preview and test the form to ensure that response is properly recorded. you can view the responses from the Response tab situating next to Questions. In the Responses, you can set email notification when somebody makes any responses on the form. At responses, click more (three vertical dots), in the popup menu, select (ticked) Get an email notification for new responses. You can also download the responses as a .csv file. To create a spreadsheet based on response click the green + button on responses. A spreadsheet will be created with the details of the submitted responses. It is highly useful, the spreadsheet contains the name of the user time of response, answers, score and more. If you want to stop responding from users turn of Accepting response in the Responses tab. You can give a custom message to the respondent.

Do you want to send the link to your users? Click Send at the top menu. A popup box, Send form, displayed. You send via email, as a link or as embedding HTML. The send through email. Click the email icon. Enter the email address of the user and send it. The user will get a notification on their inbox with a click button to the form. To send as link click Link icon. A link will be displayed, but that is not easy to share. tick the Shorten URL. The links will be shortened, copy the link by clicking the copy button and paste it where ever you want. You can send the link through email, as a message or can include in your social media messages.

You can customize the theme using the customize theme icon at the top bar. The add-ons add more features to your forms, for example, the Control accepting response add-on limit the response time automatically at a date and time. you can add add-ons to your forms using the add-ons from more options (see the image of the preference). If you have any doubt you can ask here. Do you want to share some tips, you can share in the comments?


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