Do you want to create a free PDF eBook from Wikipedia or want to download your favorite Wikipedia page as a PDF file.Now Wikipedia itself provides  a  solution for it.Wikipedia’s new Beta design helps you to  do this.Wikipedia’s Beta design come up with some good features like,

  • Enhanced navigation

UsabilityNavigation The new navigation system makes it easier to see where you are and what you are doing, as well as where you can go and how to get there. With the search box located in  the top right corner, the search feature is easier to find and  quicker to use.

  • Edit toolbar improvements

UsabilityToolbarNew-and-improved icons make it clearer what action each tool performs. Expandable sections reduce clutter while keeping infrequently used tools just a click away. The help section provides quick access to a reference for common uses of wiki-markup .

How to create an EBook

Any article can be downloaded or printed as a PDF, and multiple articles can be combined into a PDF book.To do this Log on to Wikipedia, if not a registered user register first, then Click Try beta design link on the bar.

In the left-handsidebar, under “Toolbox,” in print/export menu you’ll find a “PDF version” link that uses Wikipedia’s servers to generate a highly printable PDF of any Wikipedia article, no third-party tools needed.The “Create a Book” tools, which lets you add pages in real time as you explore through Wikipedia’s knowledge bases. Then a book creator window appears select start book creator .

Wikipedia wiki book

Here is the screenshot of how I did it, follow the guidelines to build an eBook within minutes (depend on your internet speed).Then  open the page that you want to make the eBook and click the link Add this page to  your book then the link is changed to Remove the  page from your book-Click this if you want to remove the  page.When the page is added the link Show book(0 pages) is changed to Show book (1 Page) and so on, the  number will increase as you add more pages to it.

When all the  pages that you needed is added successfully Click “Show Book(44 pages) ” .Now you can re-order your pages by using simple drag and  drop feature.Title and subtitle– give your book a title and subtitle, if you need to create chapter select Create chapter and enter the name in the pop dialog box.You can move it anywhere using drag and drop and can Rename it and you can  save it to your account for online reference or  download a PDF for printing by clicking the  Download button.You can also save it as Rich text file also.

wiki book creator

wiki bookcreate

This is the screenshot of an eBook that I created using this method.

Wikibook contents Wikibook made

Try it and share your experience.If you know more or find any new hacks or tips don’t forget to share it with our readers.So they can also test it.


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