In these days all of us have at least one social media account on any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin. There are more than three billion active social media users. Do you leverage them to your business? or to your profile? You need a neatly designed social media page to get likes and comments. You need stunning social media layouts to get proper attention on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. You can create your own social media graphics if you have some knowledge of any popular photo editing program. There are some sites offers free layouts to create stunning social media graphics in just minutes.

Create Facebook covers
Businesses, organizations, and personalities can connect with their customers or fans on Facebook by creating a Facebook Page. If you have a Facebook account you can create a Facebook Page. You can design your Facebook Page’s cover photo in any photo editing software at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall (820X312) on your Page for computer screens. For smartphones at 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall (640X360).

Create Twitter Headers
You can easily customize your profile and header images with stunning graphics. In Twitter, go to your profile, click Edit profile to edit the photo. For header photo, 1500X500 pixel size is recommended. For profile photo 400X400 Pixels size is good. Photos can be in JPG, GIF, or in PNG format. But Twitter does not support animated GIFs for profile or header images.

Create YouTube Banners
To brand your channel’s identity, want to give your page a unique look and feel then give a good Youtube Channel art. ?The channel art looks different on desktop, mobile, and TV displays. In Youtube go to My Channel, near the top of the screen click Add Channel Art. You can add your designed photo as the channel art.

Easy-to-customize Social Media templates. Choose from professional layouts and quality stock images.

You can create images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr for free without professional design skills using Crello. You can choose a template from thousands of free templates, then add your text, photo, and logo. Your social media image is ready to upload. you can use the resize feature to quickly adapt designs to any format or size you need.

With Canva, you can design your own high-quality graphs without the need for costly graphics software. In Canva type in your labels and values or copy and paste them from a sheet and Canva builds a custom graph or chart for you.

You can use Adobe Spark Post to create Facebook covers and banners. Adobe Spark Post is a web and iOS app for designing social media posts. You can easily select sizing to perfectly scaled photos for a Facebook cover photo.


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