Infographics boost visual experience with high-quality charts and graphs. You can tell stories or present data with memorable stunning infographics. Infographics are the visual representation of information and data. By effectively using the image, chart, text, diagram; infographic is an effective tool to present ideas to get a better understanding. You can build powerful infographics using texts, headers, color, white space, pictures, and charts.

You can make beautiful infographics with Canva’s free infographic maker by choosing an infographic template. You can add your information and images to it. Canva has a huge collection of professionally designed infographic templates and graphic elements in their extensive library. They have over two million icons, illustrations and stock photos to choose from.

Choose from a library of over 800 professionally designed infographic, presentation, and print templates. Wherever your ideas take you, you might just get there faster with our ready-made designs. Add beautiful interactive charts, animated icons, images, and videos. Edit fonts. Change colors. Move things around. Here is an infographic from Piktochart to create an infographic with Piktochart.

You can prepare charts, graphs, and maps using infogram. The mapmaker helps to publish professional-quality interactive maps. Infogram has 35 charts and 550 maps to create interactive charts, pie charts and bar charts. The lightweight data editor helps you to edit colors and styles, icons and set display options.
( is an online infographics creator with readymade templates to create infographics easily. You can use readymade templates to begin your infographic design. You can add media, backgrounds, text, and charts to your infographics. You can preview your infographic before going to save it.

Adobe Spark Post
Adobe Spark Post is a powerful tool to design awesome infographics without the need for design skills or programming knowledge. You can add your own text, images, and data with just a few clicks, and see the results instantly.

Infographics gave a huge amount of information in less time. You can also capture the attention of your visitors with stunning infographics and make the content viral in social media using infographics. You can also obtain infographic templates from the internet to modify and create your own infographics within minutes.


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