Before going for a web hosting account, answer these questions yourself. What will you be hosting? What is the primary function of what you plan to host? What is your site or will your site be built with? How much traffic does it get or do you anticipate it getting? Do you have any special additional requirements like SSL?

Once you decided to purchase a web hosting plan, you will have access to store your site’s files on one of the server space allotted to you under your chosen domain name. Your domain name serves as the address that the world will use to view your website.

By purchasing a shared or business hosting package, you’re buying space on one of the remote servers. This is much like the space on a computer’s hard drive, and the difference is that the web server provides access to your website’s files from anywhere in the world.

Lunarpages offers several plans:

Personal Hosting Plans
The Basic plan is far from basic as it puts powerful shared hosting at your fingertips, complete with a control panel and a library of scripts you can use including a FREE website builder so you can launch your website in no time.

Business Hosting Plans
Launch your business today with Lunarpages Business Web Hosting. The Business Plan provides hosting on a secure server, complete with cPanel control panel, dedicated IP address, and an SSL certificate and website builder.

Reseller Hosting
This is for web developers and for resellers. With Developer reseller hosting you have full control from WHM (WebHost Manager) control panel which provides the ability to create your clients individual cPanel accounts and from cPanel you can develop their websites.

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