Google Earth is a Google Project that renders a three dimensional representation of our earth using satellite imagery. The revamped version of Google earth home screen welcomes you with our blue planet floating in the dark space. You can see a menu on left side, navigate through the wonders of the earth. In the left side menu, we can see a ship’s wheel icon called Voyager, take you to the world of curated content. By digitally stitching together billions of satellite and aerial images, Google earth presents an interactive map to the users. You can virtually tour the world using a collection of map-based stories. You can search for topics like travel, culture, nature, and history in Google Earth.

In the browser open the Google Earth. On the left menu, Click Voyager (Navigation Wheel icon), select a subject, like Nature or History. You can explore the world in 3D using 3D imagery in Google Earth. On clicking the Voyager, you can see the top menu with Editors Pick, Games, Layers, Street view, Nature, Culture, Travel and Education links.It is really interesting to watch ‘Read the ABCs from Space‘ in the Education menu. You can see an English alphabet to be found in the land forms of the Earth using NASA satellite imagery and astronaut photography.

Do you want to explore the Ocean? The ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, but just 5 percent has been explored till date. Now you can discover the wonders found under the sea with the Google Earth Street View imagery collected by Underwater Earth and The Ocean Agency in Google Earth -The World’s Ocean.


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