TeamViewer is an All-In-One Solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet. With teamviewer, you can remote control your partner’s PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. With TeamViewer, you can remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet. No installation is required, just run the application on both sides and connect – even through tight firewalls. TeamViewer allows you to present your desktop to a partner.

Share live demos, products, and presentations over the Internet within seconds. TeamViewer comes with integrated file transfer that allows you to copy files and folders to and from a remote partner – which also works behind firewalls. TeamViewer can also be used to control unattended computers and servers. System service installations even allow remote reboot and reconnect. The purely HTML and flash based solution can be used from nearly any browser and operating system.  TeamViewer is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

The first step is to download TeamViewer from this link. Now you need to launch the application. Select Personal or Non-commercial option. Select Personal for personal use OR select Non-commercial for commercial applications, you need a license for it. Once installed you are ready to share your desktop session with your partner computer. For that TeamViewer must be installed on your partner’s computer also.

The main TeamViewer window is divided into the Remote Control and Meeting tabs. In the Remote Control tab, you will find your TeamViewer ID and your temporary password. If you share this information with your partner, he or she will be able to connect to your computer. When you click inside the Password field, a context menu appears, allowing you to change the temporary password or copy it to the clipboard (Windows copy & paste function). You can also enter a permanent password here. The menu bar is located along the upper edge of the main TeamViewer window and contains the menu items Connection, Extras, and Help.

To control a computer remotely, enter its ID in the Partner ID combo box.

Note: You need to share your ID and Password with your partner to share your machine or get ID and Password one from your friend to access his/her computer. Enter the partner’s ID number in Create session. When prompt, enter the password provided by your partner and click Log On. Now you can get full remote access to your partner’s computer.

Computers and Contacts let you manage computer and contact information from a central location. It gives you a quick overview of your computers and contacts that are available and to which you can connect directly via TeamViewer. The Computers & Contacts list is linked to your TeamViewer account, means your contact information is not tied to a specific computer but is stored in a central location. This lets you access your contacts from any computer running TeamViewer.

This lets you share your computer screen and have some fun or request help from a friend. If you want your partner to interact and access an application you will need to activate it by looking for a both-sided arrow on the title bar. If you choose your connection to be File Transfer type, you will be allowed to send and receive files. Select the files to be transferred and destination on the other end. Hit the Send or Receive button as needed.

TeamViewer will typically work without any additional firewall configuration between devices on any computer network (and even between different ones), as long as both are connected to the Internet. And because it’s compatible with many different devices, you can do neat things like control your Mac from Windows, your Windows PC from a Mac, or even your computer from your iOS or Android phone.

Setting up a meeting with Teamviewer

Start TeamViewer, and select the “Meeting” tab.  Arrange your meeting by clicking on “Schedule a meeting” and signing in to your TeamViewer account. Create a meeting by clicking on  “New meeting …”. Then pass on the details (start time, Meeting ID, password, conference call number, and PIN) by e-mail or phone. Easily manage meetings you have created in “My Meetings”.  You may start a scheduled meeting by selecting a meeting in the window “My Meetings” and click on “Start”. Your participants can join the meeting by clicking on the link in the invitation e-mail or by logging on to An application will run and they will immediately see your desktop.

Remote support for Customers with Teamviewer

Do you want to offer spontaneous remote support to your customers?  You can do it with TeamViewer. First, download the TeamViewer, Install it by simply following the instructions of the setup routine and eventually launch TeamViewer. Ask your partner to download and run the customer module TeamViewer QuickSupport. Enter your partner’s TeamViewer ID in the “Remote control” tab. Click on “Connect to partner” and enter your partner”s password in the following dialog box in order to establish a connection.

Download Teamviewer 

Download Teamviewer from here.  Download TeamViewer QuickSupport, and Teamviewer Manuals from here.


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