Do you want to install more stylish fonts for your project? But don’t have any idea where to get good fonts and how to install it on your system. Yes, you must install it correctly to access the new fonts from all your applications.

Download and Install Fonts
You can download fonts from the Microsoft store. You can download fonts from other sources also. The font files are available as .ttf files, download the .ttf files, then right-click the file to Install. To check if the font is installed correctly, type ‘fonts’ in the Windows 10 search box (Cortana). This will open up ‘Font Preview and Related settings’. Open it and check your fonts in the ‘Available Fonts’ section, you can do a search there if you know the name of your new font. You can access this window by going to ‘Windows 10 Settings’, then go to ‘Personalization’, then click the Fonts tab.

Get more fonts in the Microsoft Store
In the ‘Font Preview and Related settings’ page, You can see a link above saying ‘Get more fonts in the Microsoft Store’. Click here to download fonts- just like an app-automatically to your system and it appears naturally in the settings.

You can download a large number of fonts from fonts websites and can install to your computer. Most of the time the fonts are available as a compressed file (zip/rar file). If it’s a compressed file, right-click then extract the file. After extraction right-clicks on the file and selects Install. You can also drag and drop files to your systems fonts library. Open the font library in a separate window, then drag the new font from the extracted/downloaded location into the font window. A progress bar will display the installation process. Once installed, the font is ready to use.

Delete Fonts
Open Fonts (Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Fonts), scroll through the list of fonts if cannot find do a search for a specific font in that window. When detected, select it and Delete the font. you can right-click the font and select Delete from the pop-up menu. The font will be deleted from your computer. You can restore fonts by clicking the ‘Restore default font’ settings button.

You can download free fonts from Fontsquirrel, 1001fonts, dafont, or from befonts. You can find a large number of sites offering free fonts, that can used for your next work.


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