It is a horrifying experience if the data stored on your computer vanished on a day without any backup! It may happen to anybody in any situation. Sometimes it may be due to some human errors like accidentally deleting the files or hard disk partition. Some times hardware partition get lost due to some computer virus attack. There is some data recovery software that can recover data even partitions being lost or deleted from your hard disk. There is a great chance to mistakenly delete the entire partition when you want to clean a specific partition. Sometimes the partition table may be corrupted or damaged by faulty disk operations or by a virus. A sudden power outage or power failure can affect the drive operation or a bad sector on the disk may prevent your partition from being recognized by the operating system.

Partition is necessary to store data on your hard disk. During partition, the storage is divided into isolated sections. To recover your data from the lost or deleted partition you need to scan the entire hard disk to find the deleted partition, then scan the detected partition for Files and Folders and then you need to select and recover files that you need. If the partition was deleted the space on disk becomes Unallocated. You need to scan the storage space to find the deleted partition and retrieve data from it or even restore the partition back. The best thing is, don’t overwrite the deleted partition before recovering the files.

EaseUS data recovery software
You can easily recover the lost partition by using the EaseUS data recovery software. Install the EaseUS data recovery software, open the software, select the lost or deleted disk partition from which you want to recover data, click Scan to search for all the lost data. The data recovery software scans the lost partition, after the scanning, choose the files that you want to recover. Click the Filter button to find what kind of file you want to restore. Select the wanted files by clicking the Recover button. Using the free version of the software you can recover 2GB of data. The Pro version can recover unlimited data.

Disk Drill
This is a partition recovery software offering different recovery methods on different levels for the data loss situation. Disk Drill offers free scan for partition recovery to see what files can be restored. The Basic edition helps you to recover up to 500MB for free.


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