What is a smart phone?

Smartphone is a mobile device that has all the features of a mobile phone and most of the features of a PDA such as e-mail, Web browser, social networking tools and office applications.

Do you want to purchase a smart phone and stuck at which phone want to purchase, and which phone will suites your needs. In which phone one can access social networking sites, connect through Wi-Fi,3G and even 4G. Which phone offers touch screen facility and scratch resistant screen. Which smart phone offers 12MP resolution camera, equivalent to a digital camera! Well, read on…

There are a lot of big players are there in the market like, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, sony Ericsson, LG, Apple, Motorola and Asus.All these companies offers good smart phones with lot of features at the same price level. Then the selection game is become more tougher. For convenience to arrange we can divide it as Low end smart phones, Mid range smart phones and high end smart phones. the low end smart phone have some features similar to high end models, but don’t have much processing speed, memory, connectivity and device compatibility.

Look and Feel

The style and appearance of the phone is a selection factor, the success of apple iphone proves it. Do you need a horizontal sliding phone, candy bar type one or a side slider or vertical slider.


One of the important factors determines the processing power of a smart phone. Now most smart phones used ARM architecture based chip with a 1GHz processor.HTC uses a 1Ghz snapdragon CPU from Qualcomm. Apple Iphone uses an    Apple A4 600MHz processor. The technical sheet of Apple iphone says the processor has been upgraded from 412MHz to 600Mhz in iphone3Gs. Motorola is planning to launch an Android Smartphone with 2GHz CPU this Year. The more powerful processor means powerful computing.



The RAM of iphone 3Gs has been doubled from 128MB in iphone 3G to 256MB in iphone 3Gs. The more RAM means more hustle free performance.


In the case of the iPhone 3G S, memory is up to 32GB.Now most smart phones offers more than 8GB inbuilt memory and have facilities to upgrade it to higher using memory cards.

Screen Resolution and Size

New smart phones offers screen resolution up to 480×854. Most smart phone offers screen size between 2.36 inches to 4 inches.Sony ericsson Xperia X10 offers 4 inches screen. Ideal screen size is 3.2 inches to 4 inches to  keep it in pocket.Most smart phone supports 16M screen colors. The higher the better.


Battery life would seem to be a valuable metric; if you travel a lot. The differences in capacity and claimed endurance don’t really matter much, since realistically, they all need to be charged nightly.Most of the smart phone offers stand by time from 310hrs to 576 hrs.(Nokia E72).Talk time varies from 4hrs. 30 mins to 8hrs (sony ericsson Xperia X10).

Operating system

Now some of the smart phones started to use Google’s famous Android mobile OS.Motorola and sony ericcson using Android, while Nokia uses Symbian, Blackberry uses Blackberry OS, Samsung uses Windows Mobile, and Apple uses Apple OS.


Connectivity is important for the case of a smart phone.Some having inbuilt GPS facility, most of them having GPRS/HSCSD/EDGE/3G for internet browsing, most of them have Wi-Fi, bluetooth, IR and USB connectivity.


Some smart phones like sony ericsson satio having a12MP camera. Thanks to technology, don’t have to take your bulky digital camera on next time, you can take stunning pictures with your smartphone.Some smart phones have dual camera, some have autofocus features and inbuilt Xenon flash to shoot in low light condition (sony ericsson satio ).Now 5MP is appears as the minimum standard in all smartphones. Most phones supports multimedia features like popular music format(MP3/WMA/WAV/eAAc+ etc.), and video format (WMV, Real video, Mp4, MOV, DivX,3GP, etc.).Some have a built in FM radio.

N97 HTC Droid apple-iphone-3gs


Some smartphones have a hardware keyboard in addition to its touch screen. The hardware QWERTY/onscreen keyboard debate is all about personal preference, so whether this is a boon or a burden is up to you. Typing on a screen is an acquired skill, if it appears to be difficult to you, you can choose a sliding QWERTY keyboard enabled smart phone.

Some latest smart phones with specifications :

Nokia Motorola Sony Ericcson Apple Blackberry Samsung HTC
N 97 Milestone Satio iPhone3Gs 32 GB Bold 9700 Omnia Pro Evo4G
E 72 Shadow Xperia X10 Tour 9630 I8000 Omnia  II HTC Droid
6700 Aino Bold 9000 Corby Pro Samrt
5800 W995 Curve 8900 Monte
Yari Curve 8520



On each month big companies come up with there latest mobiles with powerful processor, RAM and huge memory capacity, monster camera greater than 12MP, big high resolution touch scratch resistant screens and new stylish looks.It is advisable to buy a good smart phone for your need, give high priority to your interests. If you want to talk more and you purchased a smart phone with high resolution camera and a big screen but less standby or talk time, then for you it has of no use if the battery exhausted suddenly. What you think about it? Do you have any suggestios or recommendations for our readers to make them a nice purchase.


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