Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D. With the release of new Google Earth 6(beta), you can explore the streets in 3D like never before. Fly from outer space down to the streets with the new Street View and easily navigate your way around. Switch to ground-level view to see the same location in 3D.

        Now you can see 3D trees in locations all over the world. In the new version it easier for you to know when historical imagery is available in the location you are viewing.You can  Download the latest version to start exploring the new features and watch this youtube video shown below to learn more about the new Google earth 6.

        Google Earth 6 is available for the desktop in three different versions: Google Earth, Google Earth Pro, and Google Earth Enterprise. You can fly anywhere to see satellite imagery, 3D buildings, 3D trees, terrain, Street View, planets,etc.

What’s new in Google Earth ?


    Use the Google Earth plug-in to explore a 3D globe with Earth view in Google Maps and on sites across the web. Plug-in


     Explore the globe from the palm of your hand. Download Google Earth for Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Historical Imagery   ge-historical

    Travel back in time with Historical Imagery in Google Earth. See imagery from previous years and easily discover when historical photos are available.

Ocean     ge_ocean

     Ocean in Google Earth lets you dive beneath the surface and explore lost shipwrecks, surf spots, and the latest research discoveries.

3D Buildings   ge_3dbuildings

     Explore cities, buildings and structures in 3D with the 3D Buildings layer. Create your own 3D models and add them to Google Earth.

Sky    ge_sky 

     Explore the sky with Google Earth. Zoom into distant galaxies, view constellations and hear astronomy podcasts.

Mars   ge_mars

      With Mars in Google Earth, you can explore a whole new planet. View NASA images, take tours, see 3D rover models and browse 360-degree panoramas.

Moon  ge_moon

    Switch to Moon in Google Earth to see 3D models of landed spacecrafts, 360-degree photos of astronauts’ footprints, Apollo missions and more.

Download Google Earth

Offline Installer for Google Earth– Standalone version

  By default, Google downloads a small setup file that installs Google Earth. To download the standalone version from the Google click the above link to go to the download page of Google earth,

  • At the bottom of the page, there’s a small message: "Customize your installation with advanced setup." Click on " advanced setup".
  • Disable this option: "Allow Google Earth to automatically install recommended updates."
  • Click on "Agree and download" and you’ll get the offline installer.

GE-stand alone

The standalone direct link for the windows version is like –


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