If you are staying in a rented house, and thinking that you are giving too much rent. But don’t have any idea about how much the actual rent is. If you have a home and wants to give it for rent, but having no idea how much do you need to charge for rent? Don’t worry, in online there is number of solution for almost all of your needs. Here our need is to find or compare the rent in your area.



Rentometer  is an online application  helps you to find the right rent for you. You have to give your geographic area or your location, rent you are paying and number of bedrooms in your apartment. The App will  do the rest of the work, it will compare your rent with similar apartments in your area and display a rent meter. You can also view the properties with rent in a map in this application. The application also shows average and median rates, service providers in that particular area with a map. You can check it using sample data by clicking this link.




Rentjungle also offering a rent finding service with a nice user navigation. Once you enter the site, you have to enter your location first, then the site will ask you the price, you can select the range using a horizontal slider, then the site will ask the type of property like apartment or home. After the selection it will enquire further details like number of bedrooms etc. After entering the details the site will display the results based on user queries.  One of the nice feature of this site is it’s guided navigation. You can reach the goal by entering the details one by one.


How Much You Should Be Paying For Rent

You can find the rent by comparing rents on Rentjungle using Compare  Rent (https://www.rentjungle.com/comparerent/) feature. What you have to do is give information about the property that you want. Insert the location, number of bedrooms, price, quality of building (rating scale 1-5 star), etc. After entering the details click “Find instantly” button. Based on the details it will show how much you should pay.

You can use similar tools to find the rent of an area. Sites offering such features are available in different countries. Most of the biggest property platforms in your country has such a feature integrated with their website. To find the feature, search web to find the popular property listing sites in your country and extent the search inside the property domain with keyword” “compare rentals”. Which one you are using, kindly inform if you find a better one.


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