Big fan of Facebook, but still have any idea about how to find your near by friends on Facebook. Do you want to track your friend and if he is near by you, you need to spend time with him or her ? Now you can find near by friends using ‘Nearby Friends’ feature. It is an optional, you can choose from your friends, close friends, or a  friends list to show your location.  You can turn ‘Nearby Friends’ on and off at any time. The ‘Nearby Friends’ can work in two ways, one way is a person and his friends both have to turn on the feature and choose to share with each other to see when other is nearby. The advantage is the  friends will only be able to see that the other friend is nearby . You can set to share your location with a friend for a set period of time. This will help you to meet up with your friend and spend with him.

To turn on ‘Nearby Friends’ on Facebook, click chat menu in the app’s upper right-hand corner. When you turn on Nearby Friends, you are required to flip through a four-page tutorial that briefly describes the feature. When the feature is turned on, ‘Nearby Friends’ shows a list of approved Facebook friends  with their approximate location. Another interesting feature is, a push notification can tell how many of your friends are nearby.

The “Nearby Friends” feature using smartphone’s GPS system to tell your or your Facebook friends location, if  the feature is turned on.  The feature tells not your exact location,but as in a nearby location, like a mile away. You can manually share your exact location with a your friend , if you want meet him in a location. This new feature will help you to find your friends in your nearby location, so you can contact them and can arrange meeting with them. Did you experienced the new feature? What you are thinking about the location information sharing? Is it good or not?


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