Do you want to know the technology used to build a website? How they build their stunning website? Did they use any CMS? What Content Management System (CMS) they are using. Which themes they are using to get a fantastic visual appeal? Which plugins fire the website? As a webmaster, you need to know the best in the industry to build the best for you and for your customer. Here are some tools that can detect the technology behind any website.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify and a big list of CMS help us to build a website without any technical effort. WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS that powers 27% of the internet. As per Openhub’s project cost calculator, WordPress required 112 person-years to complete with an estimated cost of 6 million dollars. 39% of online web stores using WooCommerce to run their website. Here are some tools to analyse a website and find the technologies used on the website.

Using BuiltWith, you can find out the technology profile a website. You will get detailed information about analytics, advertising, web hosting, scripts, operating system, web servers and content delivery networks used by a website.

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Wappalyzer is a cross-platform utility to analyse the technologies used on websites. It can find content management systems, e-commerce platforms, web frameworks, server software and analytics tools.

This site helps to find the CMS used by a website. A Content Management System, popularly known as CMS, is a software developed to support users to easily create and edit a website. WhatCMS uses a variety of factors to determine which CMS a website is using.

Do you want to know information about a WordPress website. Then this site tells the WordPress hosting, WordPress theme, WordPress plugins used by the website.

Use Rescan to identify the technology behind a website. It neatly displays the website’s IP address, hosting provider, Geolocation and technologies used.

There are some other sites like Scanwp, Wpdetector and Themesinfo offers detailed information about the scripts, themes and plugins used by a website.

Wondering how these websites get information about a website. In the case of a CMS, it includes a meta tag within the HTML of each page. The HTTP headers, including cookies, also used to identify a CMS. Some content management systems also offer web hosting. By analysing the domain this tools can identify the technologies behind a website. It can also tell what technologies and scripts are the most popular, how many websites using the technologies and the popularity of the technologies over time.


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