Everwondered how to access the google analytics account from the desktop. Here is a cool superb free tool which helps you to monitor more than 8 different reports from your desktop in a cool way. Here is two free tools Polaris and Trakk Board to get Google analytics on desktop for Free.

Polaris is a cross-platform desktop widget for Google Analytics. With 8 standard reports it’s the easiest way keep your data always instantly available. The rich interface and swift navigation make it a pleasure to use.

polaris1 polaris2

Login Page                                                              Dashboard

polaris3 polaris4

Visit Reports                                              Visits overview

The dashboard gives you nice overview of total visits, pageviews,pages per visit, bounce rate,average time on site and other useful metrics.You can switch between different date ranges with the drag and drop date widget.The visits reports gives you a day by day view on a nice chart.

polaris5 polaris6

Google Maps report                                         Traffic overview

The traffic overview report shows you from which medium you get the most traffic. The google Map Report on polaris is more clear and more easier to use than the google analytics online dashboard. The traffic overview helps you to find Total vistits,pageviews and time on site by Reffering sites, direct traffic and by search engines using a cool animated chart.

polaris7 polaris8 polaris9

The referring sites report provides a list with the top 25 referring sites.You can easily learn which pages perform best with the top content report.The keywords report shows you which keywords are used mostly on organic searches.

polaris10 polaris Menu

Goal Values                                                                  Polaris Menu

If you have one or more goals defined, this reports shows you a quick overview on how they are performing. In additition to this you can check your site’s uptime from solaris itself using  Internet vista. Internet vista offered free website uptime monitoring for polaris.

Polaris is now a free download for everyone who manages one or more website profile.

Trakk Board

Trakkboard-Logo Trakkboard enables the compilation of reports of different websites without logging in at Google Analytics. You can compare data of different accounts, websites and profiles without permanently changing sites at Google Analytics.You have the opportunity to compile individually and from different portals and websites all the key performance indicators which are of a certain importance for you on just one dashboard. By means of tabs, you can create as many dashboards as you want and you can arrange the data individually.You can follow current developments on your desktop or you can lock certain data from changes to have them available at all times.With just one click, you can switch between the display formats, change time spans or rearrange data.

Trakk board

Here is a look at Trakk board dashboard. A cool youtube video is available to discover more about the trakk board prepared by the trakk board team. You can download Trakk Board User Guide as PDF .

Use the tool that you have chosen from the above and let me know how is it and if you find any related cool tools please share it with us.


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