Google has updated it’s search result. If your searching for a medical symptom Google shows the possible answers related to the symptom. For a search that seems to be about medical symptoms, Google algorithms analyze the web search results to find health conditions that may be related to the symptoms in the query. If a certain condition is mentioned more often than others in the web search results for a given search, that condition is more likely to be included in the list of conditions provided. To learn more about the health condition, all you need is to click on any of the health conditions.

Google-symptom-search health

       You may wonder from where the Google gets these information. The answer list of possible conditions comes from an analysis of the web search results for the given search. If you think you might have a medical condition you do not rely on the results for a diagnosis. Google in it’s site provided an answer for that question, “No. We hope you’ll find this useful, but the results here are a general reflection of content on the web, not medical advice. If you’re concerned about a medical condition, please consult a healthcare professional.”

       In short this small search tip will help you to find the medical condition based on the symptoms. But we request you to not rely these answers only, instead if you’re concerned about a medical condition, it is better to consult a healthcare professional. The search tips helps you to get a general information about related health condition, but the answer may not be the exact medical condition. The only advantage of the search tweak is it will surely saves your time and you don’t want to open and read a few websites to find the answer.


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