How to Open and convert WebP Image Files

   You may heard about the new internet format for images, the WebP (but pronounced  as "weppy"). It is an image format developed by Google, based on technology acquired with the purchase of On2 Technologies, that employs both lossy and lossless compression. The new WebP image format provides lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. The main attraction of this new image format is, WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs and WebP lossy images are 25-34% smaller in size compared to JPEG images at equivalent SSIM index. In addition to this, WebP supports lossless transparency (also known as alpha channel) with just 22% additional bytes. Transparency is also supported with lossy compression and typically provides 3x smaller file sizes compared to PNG when lossy compression is acceptable for the red/green/blue color channels. Now wondering how it can compress images, the .WEBP format is based on an open-source compression algorithm called ‘VP8’ and uses a container based on RIFF.

  Enough about the image format, then how to convert your existing images to WebP and vice versa. Some times you may experience some difficulty to open the .webp image file in your windows picture viewer, but it is visible in the Google Chrome browser. Then read the following tips to create webp image files and learn the tips to how to open the webp images in your windows picture viewer application.

Open .Webp images in Windows Photo Viewer

(Download Webp Codec for Windows)

To open webp images in Windows Photo Viewer, you need to install a simple codec.  The WebP Codec for Windows implements the Windows Imaging Component decoder interface and allows you to open WebP files using Windows Photo Viewer, you can view WebP thumbnails in Windows Explorer, and support WebP in other programs that use WIC (such as Microsoft Office 2010).

Convert images to WebP and Vice versa

Online Convert


Online convert provides free online WebP converter that lets you convert your images to the WebP format. This is a simple online application, to convert images, you need to upload your file or provide a link to an image and click "Convert file".  The file will be converted instantly and you can download the WebP image as soon as it has been converted. The image will automatically be downloaded to your computer  after the conversion, if the download doesn’t start automatically, click the direct link to the file to download. 

webp converter


(Zamzar online image converter)

Zamzar also provides free online image converter tools. You can convert your images to the WebP format or vice versa. The problem with this utility is that it send the converted images to your email address.


Convert To Webp using conversion tool

(Download conversion tool)

You can convert your favorite collection of images from PNG and JPEG to WebP by downloading the precompiled cwebp conversion tool for Linux, Windows or Mac OS X.

Of these above mentioned tools, we used the webp codec for Windows Photo Viewer to view the webp files. and used the online-convert utility to convert and download the files to webp and vice versa. Online-convert is a nice tool, as it provides the converted files to download instantly.