Emails are the best way to communicate with others online. With the rapid growth of emails, the old postal mail services are almost ended. Through emails, one can send personal and official emails. Every email address has two parts: a user name and a domain name. The username cam first followed by at-symbol then the domain of the email service provider (eg:

The email address begins with a user name. Most of the time it is the name of persons, companies or organizations. So we can easily find the owner of the email address through a Google search. Nowadays most people have a social or forum account, from where the search engine can find the person behind an email. Sometimes, it won’t work, then what to do?

Reverse Email Lookup
You can search for people search services like Spokeo to find the owner of an email address through Reverse email search. Through a reverse image search, you can find the owner’s identity, owner’s location, and social profiles. The Email Search service sifts through hundreds of sources for the owner’s name and social media profiles and, where available, combines all the data into a single report. There are a number of people search engines offering reverse email lookup, but the result requires some registration.

Find the location using IP address
To find the IP address, in the email choose show original. At the header portion of the email in the field Received from, you can see the IP address. The Internet Protocol address in a short IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. You can do a search using any IP location finder to see the location of the Ip address.

Use Social networks
You can search on social networks using the email address o find out the person using the email address. On Facebook, if you enter the email address, the network will show the profile exists with that email address. Some social network also allows finding people or profiles through email address.

The easiest way is to do a search with a search engine to get some clue about the email address. There is a great chance to mention the email address on any website or in any documents thanks to the paperless office.


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