The Internet is one of the fast-growing and most transformative technology in this era. Do you know how many people from each country are online? Almost 4.48 billion people were active internet users as of 2019, that means 58% of the global population. More than half of the global population are internet citizens. The Internet connects billions of people worldwide and now became the largest source of information.

Internet usage stats
The total world population is 7.8 billion as of December 2019. The internet has 4.48 billion users and there are 3.725 billion social media active users. China has the biggest online population of 854 million users, followed by India at 560 million users and then the United States at 292 million as per internetworldstats.
China – 854million
India – 560 million
United States – 292 million
Indonesia – 171 million

Search Statistics
Google process 100 billion searches a month. 92.81% of searches are done on Google search engine. Here is the search engine market share in the world.
Google – 92.71%
Bing – 2.32%
Yahoo – 1.59%
Baidu – 1.06%

Operating system statistics
The operating system is an interface between the user and the computer hardware. Computers and mobile devices have an operating system to run other programs and applications. Android has a market share of 40.47%, Windows 34.2%, IOS has 14.92%, MacOS has 7.24%, Linux has 0.83% as per Statcounter.
Android – 40.47%
Windows – 34.2%
IOS – 14.92%
MAC – 7.24%
Linux – 0.83%

Social media statistics
Youtube has 1.9 billion users, Whatsapp has 1.6 billion users, 4Chan has 27.7 million users, Tiktok has 500 million users, Airbnb has 150 million users, Facebook has 2.4 billion users, Flickr has 60 million users. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Every day watching 1 billion hours of YouTube videos.
Facebook – 64.22%
Twitter – 12.96%
Pinterest – 10.97%
Instagram – 7.05%
Youtube – 3.79%

Internet Browser Statistics
An Internet browser is a piece of software to view web pages on your computer. Chrome is the most popular web browsers, it has a market share of 63.32% followed by Internet Explorer and Safari.
Chrome – 63.32%
Safari – 17.68%
Firefox – 4.39%
Samsung internet – 3.46%
UC Browser – 2.87%

In this digital age, 53.29% of the world population uses Mobile phones, 43.99% desktop, 2.72% uses Tablet PCs.


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