Whatsapp is a secure messaging app, that allows sending chat messages with end-to-end encryption. This instant messaging and voice-over IP service gain much popularity due to the features offered by it. But Whatsapp doesn’t have a lock feature since its beginning. Whatsapp now offers biometric security, so no one can access your Whatsapp messages. You can activate the biometric security feature from the privacy settings.

You can enable the fingerprint lock when anyone opens Whatsapp on your phone. When it is enabled you will have to use your fingerprints to unlock the Whatsapp lock.

To enable fingerprint lock:
Open Whatsapp, tap More options (the three dots), click Settings, then tap Account then Privacy (More options > Settings > Account > Privacy). Now, scroll to the bottom, you can see the Fingerprint lock. Tap Fingerprint lock. Turn on Unlock with the fingerprint. Touch the fingerprint sensor to confirm your fingerprint. When enabled you’ll need to use your fingerprint to open WhatsApp. But you can answer calls even it is locked.

You can select the amount of time before fingerprint is automatically locked, you can set it immediately, after 1 minute, after 30 minutes. To show content in the notification, turn on Show content in notifications, you can preview message text inside new message notifications. If you don’t want to use the fingerprint lock functionality, just turn off Unlock with fingerprint.


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