There is no doubt that the Map application is becoming an essential tool to not only tech savvy people but for layman.  Google Maps helps you to mark your driving,biking or walking direction and can save the direction in Google Map. This feature helps you to view, print and share your maps at a later time. Google Custom Maps gives you the ability to save driving, walking, and biking directions. This feature helps you to easily refer back the earlier planned routes and can share with fellow travellers or to the world. You can also access these stored routes from your phone with the Google Maps Android application.


For this, visit the Google Map and sign in to your Google account. Now on the left pane, you can see ‘Get directions’.  Type your starting location in the first box (labeled A) and type your next or final destination in the second box (labeled B). You can hit the enter key after entering the final destination or can click ‘Get Directions’ button. It will generate the driving direction on the map. If multiple routes are available you can select the route you want from the left pane. You can also drag the route line by dragging the circle appearing on that route. You can remove a destination from your directions. To remove click [X] beside the destination in the left panel. To save the map, scroll down to the bottom of the left pane there you can find ‘Save to My Maps’. You can add a new map by selecting the ‘Create a New map’ (A drop-down menu will appear which will allow you to save the route to an existing custom map, or create a new one). Name your map and save it. The driving directions thus saved are in your ‘My Maps’ profile. You can see the saved map by visiting the ‘My Maps’. You can also ‘Edit’ the title and description of the saved map. To share the map, click the share button seen on the right side of the map. It will ask to mention the map is ‘Public’ or ‘Private’. If you changed it to ‘Public’ the link to the map will be displayed and you can share the link to anyone.


Calculate fuel cost for your road trip

Google Maps can provide the estimated fuel cost for your journey. Fuel costs for your journey are displayed just under the driving directions. Clicking on the price opens up options to specify vehicle and fuel type, as well as change the fuel price. You can calculate the approximate fuel price based on the selected route.


Which method you are using to fix your driving directions and which method you are using to calculate fuel cost? Which mapping tool you are using Google Map or Bing Map or Any other?


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