Sometimes you have experienced some difficulties to access a website. As it is something important to you, you check twice, thrice and after a time, but the site is still not available. Thinking that that particular site is offline? or is it down? or just you? or for everybody? or only from your geographic location?

There are a number of reasons why a site might not display in your location. The most common reason is due to a temporary problem, sometimes happens between the site and your browsing location. These usually clear themselves over a period of time. If it is not cleared you have to find out the reason for yourself. If you need a screenshot of the website or page is enough, there are different solutions for it. If you want to check how a site looks in different places, and when you want to know what a site looks like outside your current geographic location, you can use proxies but often don’t provide the most accurate local version of a site. Means, how the site exactly looks in a browser situated at that place.

Whatever may be the reason behind your search, here are some of the finest solutions that tell how a site appears in different geographic locations and the time is taken to appear it in each geographic locations.


This is the best option to check how a site appears in a different geographic location. Use GeoPeeker to ensure that your site is displaying region-specific content. GeoPeeker does not rely on proxies, but actual servers physically present in the locations indicated. With very few exceptions, what you see is what a site will look like to a user in that location. GeoPeeker is built on a network of servers spread around the globe that provide fast access to better, more accurate information than proxies by sampling directly at the source.Geoscreenshot

GeoScreenshot is an effective tool to capture a web page from multiple geographic locations. This is the best tool for webmasters to check if the website displays proper currency, date/time formats and check if your site displays different content based on the visitor’s geolocation, etc.


Uptrends is a good monitoring tool to stay in control of the uptime, performance, and functionality of your websites, APIs, and servers. The service tests your website with a real browser using their 179 worldwide checkpoints and quickly identify the source of web performance issues. You will receive load-time alerts, zoom in on errors with details, and easy-to-use waterfall reports.Webpagetest

You can check a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers (Internet Explorer and Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds. The results will provide rich diagnostic information including resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.

ShotSherpa was conceived of and developed at the True North PHP Hackathon in November of 2014. It was developed for the contest but the authors quickly realized its potential, they further expand it to help users to visually confirm both their sites’ ‘up’-ness and their localization.ShotSherpa

Locabrowser is another alternative, you can check a site from different geographic locations, in the free plan the location is limited to 6, but you can choose your locations in your fee plan. You can use Pingdom tools to check the sites loading time, availability and performance in detail.  You can view file sizes, load times, and other details about every single element of a web page using this tool.


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