In these days, getting a new phone with tons of features is so easy. Your new phone becomes older with a few months and most of the apps and games stops working after a few updates. The new OS and apps require more powerful hardware and technologies to work smoothly. But what to do with your old phone, if it is working and having the basic features like front and rear camera, IR, GPS sensor, and video calling feature, you can use it for a number of purposes.

Use it is a backup Phone
Don’t through your old phone to the dust bin. Just check its present condition, Is the camera working? Is the display broken? Do the sensors are working correctly? If the display is broken, try to get a compatible display from a mobile repair shop. The original display costs more, you can get a cheap compatible display from a mobile repair shop or can buy one from online stores and can fix it with the help of a local repairer. Remember, the cheap compatible display looks like the original one, but may not perform like an original one. If the camera is not clear, you can do some repair from an expert mobile technician. Now, your old mobile phone becomes a good phone to use it for normal use or in an emergency case. You can install a chatting application to this phone and can use another sim to activate the app. You can use now use this old phone as your business phone or work phone or for some other purpose.

Use it as a video camera
If the phone is equipped with a good camera. You can use your old phone as a video camera. Install some camera application to capture photos and videos at high quality.

Convert it as a baby monitor
If you have a kid and want to monitor his/her sleep. Use a baby monitor app to monitor your kid’s movement. You can install Dormi monitor. This app having all the standard features of a normal baby monitor, along with video streaming using the phone’s camera. The paid version offers unlimited monitoring, the app supports from Android version 2.3 to the latest one.

Use it as your Personal assistant
You can use your old phone as your personal assistant. Install alarm clock, ebook reader, sleep tracker, organizing apps and note taking apps in it. You can now use it as an alarm clock. You can read ebooks in different format using an ebook reader app and can keep with you tons of ebooks. Use sleep tracker to track sleep from bedtime to morning, and analyze your sleeping pattern. You can install a notepad or diary app to keep track of your daily activities. You can install a budget and expense tracker app to record and track your personal expenses.

Use it as a home security tool
Just install some security apps to turn it as a security system. There are a number of apps available, WardenCam is one such app, that turns your old mobile phone into a home security camera. You can use it to find out if your courier package arrived if your kids are reached home from school.

Convert it as a Smart Remote
Now, you don’t want to carry the different remotes with you. Just install the corresponding app from the manufacturer on your phone and use your phone as a remote controller. You can install any universal remote control app for TVs and Home Electronics to control it from your phone. Smart IR Remote is one such app to control your TV. You can get the remote app from the device manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony, etc. or can use a Universal TV Remote control app.

Use it for Video Conferencing
Install a video conferencing app to start a video conference. Before installing the app check the quality and condition of the video camera and mic.

Turn it into a digital frame
If the phone display is 5.5inch or higher, you can use it as a digital photo frame. Install a digital photo frame slide show app to slide show local files or photos from a network server on your phone.

Use it as your Car’s Navigation and Entertainment hub
Install a map app like Google map and obtain a car dashboard mobile holder to fix your phone on your car. Get a car mobile charger to connect the mobile to the car socket plug. You can install media players to play videos and music from your phone. Pick cables and connectors from a local store to connect your phone to the cars stereo.

Turn it as your kids learning center
You can install the Youtube kids app to watch videos. The YouTube kids app is simple and safer than the YouTube app. The YouTube app has a set of parental controls to configure the app. You can install apps to learn English, Maths, Science and General Knowledge.

Test new apps and tools
You can use your phone to test new apps before installing it to your currently using phone.

Gaming System
You can install different games to spend your free time. Check the huge list of free games to install it on your private mobile gaming system.

Dedicated Music Player
You can copy or download thousands of audio files to your phone and install a good music player like Google Play music or Poweramp to listen to music. You can add additional memory to expand your music collection.

Recipe Book
Install Youtube app to watch recipes and food-related channels to experiment with some new foods. You can store digital recipe books and can read using ebook or PDF reader apps. In addition, to that, there are tons of dedicated recipe apps available in the Google Play store in a different language. There is some artificial intelligence (AI) based apps, that will suggest recipes based on the picture. Just install such apps and takes some pictures of the vegetables and groceries available in your kitchen and the app suggest some recipes using the available items in your kitchen!

Runs jobs for scientific research
You can use your phone to study diseases, predict global warming, can discover pulsars. There are some dedicated projects that need from computing power to do some research works. You can donate your mobiles computing power to run such applications. BOINC is one such project, it uses the unused computing power of your Android device and runs jobs for scientific research projects. Asteroids@home is a research project that also uses Internet-connected computers to do research in Asteroids@home. You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your mobile phone.

I just tell you some of the possible applications with your old unused phone. You can give a new life to your old phone can utilize it effectively. If your phone has a broken body, weak battery, shattered screen, you can repair it with locally available parts from a local mobile repair shop. You can also pick the exact replacement parts from different online stores. Try some of the ideas described above and share your views.


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