Do you want to install and host web applications of your computer like Apache, PHP, and MySQL? Wampserver is a piece of tool that allows creating web applications with Apache2, PHP and MySQL database. The PHPMyAdmin allows you to manage your database easily.

First, you need to download and install the Wampserver on your computer from the Wampserver website.

After downloading the file double click the installation file and follow the install instruction. The automatic software installs Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Phpmyadmin on your PC without any other user instruction. The Wampserver automatically installs the www directory (c:\wamp\www). The PHP files are automatically installed inside a subdirectory.

To start, click on the localhost link in the Wampserver menu (click on the Wampserver icon on the taskbar to get the menu). You can access the localhost on your internet browser by using the URL http://localhost/

You can manage the Apache and MySQL services on Wampserver. Just left-click on the Wampserver icon in the taskbar to get the menu. You can Switch on or off the Wamp server and access the log files using the Wampserver menu.


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