Do you know how much time you spend on your phone every day? Do you know the total use time of the day of your favorite app? Now about 5 billion people in the world have there owned mobile devices. The smartphone usage statistics show an average person spends 2 hours and 51 minutes per day on their phone. 22% of users check the phone every few minutes and 51%, users look at it a few times per hour, showing how we are addicted to mobile phones. Some health study suggests more than 5 hours of smartphone usage a day increases the chance of obesity, the overuse can diminish our ability to interpret information.

So the usage information is helpful for us to check our internet usage. It also helps us to identify which apps should be uninstalled as they are not used. You may wake up with your phone by your side and sleep with it next to you. Your phone is your companion throughout the day at all times. So, there is a reminder needed to remind you when you spend on phones or apps for a long time. Here are some tips, resources, and apps to limit your phone usage habits.

Turn off notifications
This is the first step to take if don’t want to pick up our phone frequently. The notifications are the best way to stay informed but at the time these are the most distracting feature in a phone. So controlling unnecessary notification is crucial in time-saving. Notifications show when you swipe down from the top of your screen. Notifications can also show on your lock screen and home screen. To clear notification on Android, swipe it left or right. To clear all notification, scroll to the bottom of your notifications and tap Clear all. You can close silent notifications, by tapping close next to the silent notifications. To choose how you are notified, go to Settings>App. You can see all the installed apps, click the app that you want to see the App info. In the App info, under App settings click Notifications. Turn on/off Show notifications to turn on or off the notifications from the app. If you want to make the app sounds, vibrate or pop-up on the screen, turn on Allow interruptions. If you want to view the notification on the Lock screen, select Show content. You can select Hide content or Don’t show notifications to turn off notification on the Lock screen. Turn off the notification will lower the chance of picking the phone frequently.

Take distracting apps
The next step removes the distracting apps from your phone. You can remove the social media apps or chatting apps that also have a web version. this is a proven method of spending too much time on social media apps. Most of the users spend much of their time on social media apps. It is easy to check the recent posts in apps than the online version, as we don;t want to login each of the time to access the content.

Keep a schedule
It is a good thing to keep a schedule.

Remove social media apps
If you want to frequently check the social media apps for your work you can keep it with you in your old unused working phone. Currently, I am using my old working smartphone to install all using social media apps. It helps me to check the app when I want. It also helps in keeping my new smart phone’s battery charge. After removing the social media apps from my old smartphone, I notice that my new phone’s battery is not drained fast. social media apps are the worst battery drainers. Switching off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, turn off vibration, and turning off GPS will also decrease the battery drainage.

Uninstall apps that you hardly use
Remove apps that you are not using for a month.

Check App usage in Android
You can check your app usage history on your Android and IOS phone. In Android phone, you can monitor the app usage by checking the phone battery and data usage. In your phone go to Settings>Device care>Battery, you can see the battery usage by apps. The most used apps eat more battery. You can find which app you are using the most. you can also check today or 1-week battery usage by the apps. There are some dedicated apps available in the Google Play store and in the Apple App store to monitor app usage. Take control of your social media and phone usage with these apps.

StayFree is a simple and user-friendly Android application that allows you to show how much time you spend on your smartphone and your favorite apps. You can set usage limits for your apps and receive alerts when exceeding those usage limits. You can also view the details of your usage and statistics on your usage history.

App usage collects the usage time of the apps that you used. It gathers counts of you checked the phone. It gathers time that you open apps.

Your hour, My Phone Time, Screen time, Usage time are some Android apps are some apps that help to limit the phone usage. These apps can track total time spent on your smartphone, app usage detail, incoming notifications and unlocks. These apps can limit time using for a specific application.

Check App usage in iPhone
In the iPhone, there is a hidden app usage tracker that can monitor how much time you spend on each app. In your iPhone, go to Settings>Battery, scroll down to see the Battery usage by app. You can see the percentage of battery consumed by each app present on your iPhone. If you want to see the time spent on each app, select the app to see the app usage time. You can see the screen on and screen off time of an app. The screen on time tells the time the app running in the foreground, the screen off time is the time that the app runs in the background.

The Moment is a screen time control app for IOS devices. Moments run in the background to help manage your phone usage without needing to open the app. It can find which apps you use the most, how many times you pick up your phone, it can track where you go each day and can plot it on a map.


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