After the release of Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has launched an online music streaming service called Music Hub. The new service offers music streaming, radio recommendations, storing your favorite music. Now you can upload your music collection to the cloud and access our entire catalog of millions of songs. You can enjoy personal and genre radio and discover new music every day with customized recommendations. One of the best news for the music lovers is, the Music Hub is free and offers 19 million songs. Users can listen to 30-second previews of all songs and can buy songs and albums. The Music hub can automatically sync with your music library (iTunes or Windows Media Player). With music hub, you can store your music in the cloud, stream millions of songs, listen to radio personalized just for you, and explore new music. Music Hub’s Cloud Locker gives you up to 100 gigabytes of storage that is accessible on 3 devices.


Samsung’s Music Hub will be offered for free. The Music Hub Premium, costs per month. The upgrades help to get unlimited streaming, a recommendation engine, personal radio and Scan, and Match Cloud Locker, which lets you upload your music to the cloud. The Premium version will allow users to upload and access their entire music collection from anywhere and also enjoy unlimited streaming and tune in to customized radio stations. The Music hub enables users to create playlists, search for new music, share songs with friends, view lyrics and album info and can also create personal radio stations. The Music hub will initially be available on the Samsung Galaxy S3 in  France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Another important feature is, a 100 GB of cloud storage offered with the Premium Music Hub and access to a library containing 19 million tracks are also offered. Other features are, scans your songs and matches those already in the Music hub catalog so they play at a high audio quality. You can directly upload any unmatched songs so you can access even your rare or personal recordings. If the Music Hub is not already on your device, you can download it from Samsung Apps.

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