Some services measures twitter traffic and twitter desktop clients,one such service is twitstat.According to twitstat the Web ranks No. 1 with 20.72 % (presumably that is itself), followed by Tweetdeck and Tweetie  with 13.54 % and 9.59 %, respectively.

     Rank           Client    % of users
1    TweetDeck 13.54 %
2    Tweetie 9.59 %
3      Twitterfeed 7.22 %
4     Seesmic 3.91 %
5     Echofon 2.86 %



TweetDeck is a personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more. TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organised and up to date.


Update Twitter, Facebook and MySpace in a click,Manage conversations with @replies and direct messages,Stay Organised with Groups,See what’s hot with local trends and Twitscoop,Interactive and informative notifications ,Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your messaging. Follow topics in real-time with saved searches,Organise and update Facebook with TweetDeck,Preview short URLs from the comfort of TweetDeck,Manage multiple Twitter accounts easily,Keep your TweetDeck safe with sync and back-up

Avoid Twitter spam with TweetDeck’s ,spam button,View photo thumbnails directly from TweetDeck
Record, share and watch video clips within TweetDeck,Keep your finger on the pulse with MySpace
See who’s following you.



Tweetie  is already built to take advantage of great new features coming from Twitter,.iPhone or iPod touch. Some of the favourite Tweetie features include the “More” section that gives quick links to current trends, nearby tweets.




Fully functional Twitter integration
View aggregated Home, Replies, Private and Sent columns. Manage and post from multiple twitter accounts, create unlimited columns for your saved searches and lists created from Twitter.

User Interface
With a beautiful transluscent background, you can manage your timeline in a simple yet powerful interface. Click and drag to smoothly arrange columns. Easily drag and drop to add to userlists between columns in a graceful user interface.

Tabbed view of Accounts, Searches and Twitter lists
Better manage the vast information of your twitter stream between each of your accounts, searches and userlists or manage them all in one.


( ;  Echofon for iPhone ;  Echofon for Firefox

Echofon features support for multiple accounts, push notifications, integration, and Search/Trend Topics. The push notifications are what really makes Echofon standout. They have included a great set of features that help you to optimize the push notifications you see. Most apps that support push notifications have no settings at all, you just receive what ever notifications they want to send. Echofon allows you to control what notification you want to receive, mentions, and or messages.

There are some other apps you want to consider;

Twitpic –  – Photo Sharing on Twitter

Yfrog – – Photo & Video Sharing on Twitter

Tweetmeme  – – The Twitter ReTweet Directory

Topsy- – Twitter Search Engine

Twitter feed – – RSS to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Read our detailed article on Auto-publish Post Updates To Facebook,Twitter & Linkedin

Twitter Counter – – Twitter Profile Statistics

Wefollow – – Twitter User Directoy

Social Mention – – Social Media Search Engine

CoTweet – – Browser-Based Twitter Client (You can find a few browser based twitter clients in Chrome extensions and Firefox Add-ons.


Desktop twitter clients are useful tools who uses twitter service regularly.Web ranks No. 1 with 20.72 % ( itself), followed by Tweetdeck and Tweetie  with 13.54 % and 9.59 %, respectively.

Which desktop client you are using,share your experience? Which is the best app based on your experience? Can you suggest anything new?


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  1. I personally use Twhirl ( works fine.Thank you for posting this useful stuff.I’m going to testing some other twitter tools mentioned above.

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