I thought most of the adsense publishers got a letter from google India about a free Rs.1500/- promotional offer -A free advertising trial! But there are some hidden tricks and traps inside it. Before filling up and running to catch-up your big luck, read the details carefully. According to google India, once you entered the promotional code in the promotional code area box and activated it, you can star campaigns worth Rs. 1500/- as google said, ” If your average cost-per-click was Rs.10, Rs.1500 could help bring 150 visitors to your site. (After June30,2010, your coupon drops in value it Rs.1000 and remains valid until July 31,2010.” When I got it, I  put it some where and forget about it, but on June 27th I remembered about it, and rushed to fill up and decided to use it at  its max. But once I read the details carefully I understood that, it is just a trick by these big guns to make some profit out of  it, and to attract more advertisers to it. The money shared with the publisher will be returned back to the original source!

If you want try google adwords, you can treat at as a good offer, and check to close your campaign at a certain time or  amount or you will need to pay a good amount to them.Read the  line mark as 1 in Red.The second thing is you have to pay Rs.250 for as an activation fee, it doesn’t include in the promotional code! –not free! (Read line 2 & 3).

Google adword promo 


We have a same kind of experience when we visited a big shopping mall, where one can check a special massage chair for free! One sales man-specially appointed for it- offers about the free massage experience and try to catch customers, and compel to use it. So we decided to use it, one of us just tried it, and after 1 min-after he explained it, my friend tried to escape from the  chair.Then he caught him and told just a 5mins. try. He obeyed it, and  after that he gave a good bill, and showed a small board in  a corner-not visible, because he was standing in front of  it-showing a notice- “after 1 min, you should have to pay for each additional minutes!”. We are totally irritated and started to quarrel with them, and explained that this is not the right way to do good business. Finally a senior manager came there and tore the bill and throw it away.Lot of innocent people, most of the  are highly educated, like doctors, engineers had paid there bills earlier, now just looked at us, and worried about there ignorance.


Don’t run for an item, before thinking about it, and  what is behind it.

An alert customer is an intelligent customer.


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