Skype provides a great way to communicate with people no matter where they are.Now you can call and text friends directly from Facebook news feed and phonebook in Skype. Here is how,


      If you have a facebook account you can use the program to call and send text messages to facebook friends.If they were signed in Skype you can call them free. To activate this feature, first click the facebook tab at the top of the screen and the click see news feeds in Skype button, which permits Skype to access your account. You can contact your facebook friends by clicking the the call or SMS button next to their names.

SkypeFB        When you install the new Skype version 5.0 for Windows and sign in with Facebook, you can easily call or SMS your friends. You can also check out your News Feed, update your status, and like and comment on posts directly within Skype.  You can also call or SMS your Facebook friends from Skype and check News Feed, update your status, and like and comment on posts directly within Skype. First step is to install Skype 5 for windows and login to Skype and navigate to the Facebook Tab from top menu. Login to your facebook account, and you will have to provide permission to Skype to access your Facebook account by pressing Allow. Your news feed load inside the Skype, you can also see the call and sms button next to the contacts.

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