When in the olden days if need some good songs, it is very difficult to get it. Looking in the shelf of music libraries, asking to lot of friends, etc were the only way to get some good music. If the music that we loved is an old one and a rare peace what  to do, no way! Thanks to technology, now anyone can search and find music within seconds and can download it on there PC, laptop, MP3 player, mobile phone or iphone within few seconds-depends on the connection speed.But when technology changes, naturally problems as also aroused, lots of music files uploaded to servers in every seconds in different languages from different places. Now another problem how to find the exact MP3 file from this huge millions of  files. Then a list of customizable search engines came to help- MP3 search engines. Some of them have big database of artist, lyrics information. Some instantly search on internet for MP3 files. Anyways, all these are good news for music enthusiasts. Here we are suggesting some good MP3 search engines, to find your favouriteMP3 files.



                         According to them The Worlds Largest Mp3 Search Engine.



Free mp3 music search & download. Top artists and hit music free for download. 1 million mp3 base are in  there database.


It is a search engine for mp3 files located on Web servers.

Skreemr – Google like MP3 Search Engine


Skreemr also have a firefox mp3 search engine plug-in that easier your MP3 files finding without visiting the site.


Free Mp3 Downloads & Mp3 Search at SeekaSong.com.


Mp3Realm is a vertical search engine that focuses on the mp3 audio format. — Mp3Realm also indexes the web for song lyrics.In  this search engine, Mp3 search result is sorted based on artist, title, genre or album.Besides indexing mp3 files, they also index lyrics, so you can sing along to your favorite songs.


ESpew has an mp3 search toolbar that users can download.You can download music or even you can submit any kind of music you want to there database.

Seekmp3 – Multiple language MP3 Search

Seek Mp3  search engine support various of language like Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

You can also just look in to a site www.top25mp3.com . Which arranged some most popular Mp3 top sites on the net.

MP3 This is only a small list of MP3 search engines you can find a hundred more from internet.Just try a search in Google, bing or yahoo and see the results. Which MP3 search engine you are using? Can you suggest some to our readers? so we can just try it.


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    i think http://www.kiwimp3.com is one of the best mp3 search engine

    1. Again a new entry in to the MP3 search engine, it is a new site with a simple interface.

    2. Again a new entry in to the MP3 search engine, it is a new one but the site appears simple and nice.

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  2. yo man i admit it ,. beemp3 is the best

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