Now a days it is easier to get a new phone with a lot of features at a pocket friendly price makes upgrading the phone becomes easier. Some of the users experienced the difficulty to change their broken LCD and digitizer or sometimes the phone body itself. All requires, time money and patience. You will get a new phone by adding some more dollars to the required amount to change your existing broken LCD display. So upgrading or updating your phone becomes an old fashion, now people invest in new phones as it comes with the latest processor, more RAMs, better camera and new connectivity options. But there still remains a problem; how to transfer your phone contacts, images, and data to the new phone. Adding one by one is not a practical solution.

Using the Contacts App
You can transfer all your contacts using your phone contact app. Open the ‘Contacts’ on your phone, click or tap the settings menu at the top of the screen (the three vertical dot icons). Select Import/Export contacts. You can see different options, ‘Import from .vcf file‘, ‘Export to .vcf file‘, etc. Tap the ‘Export to .vcf file‘. You can rename the file if you want and tap save. Transfer that .vcf file to your new phone (you can email to yourself and can download) and add it to the new phone. In the Import/Export contacts menu, the last item is ‘Share all contacts’. Click on ‘Share all contacts‘, ”Contact will be exported shortly” dialogue appears and after some time you may notice the ‘Finished’ message. On top of the screen, you can see ‘Finished exporting contacts Tap to share contacts‘. On tapping the contact a list appears, showing available transfer options available. You can select, Bluetooth, Email, Save to Drive or through Whatsapp. Choose any method to share the contacts. You can see a ‘contacts_name.vcf’ the file is attached to your email or sending/sharing it to another device. You can use that .vcf file to import contacts to the new phone.

Using Play Store Apps

Transfer Contacts
(Transfer Contacts in Play Store)
You can transfer all your Contacts from your old mobile phone to your new Android phone using this app. If you have less than 75 Contacts you can transfer easily. If more than 75 Contacts, then this app needs fees depending on your region and currency.

Bluetooth contact transfer
(Bluetooth contact transfer in Play Store)
This app helps to transfer contacts between phones using Bluetooth technology. Click on the Search Button to Discover nearby devices and wait for available devices to appear. Now, click on any device you want to transfer the contacts. Allow both devices to PAIR and grant permission to access phone contacts. The contacts will be transferred to the new phone. You can select all contacts or individual contacts to save.

Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer
Gihosoft Phone Transfer is a software for Windows OS. Once installed, it can enable you to transfer files from phone to phone in a few steps. First, you have to connect phones, then select file types, now transfer selected files. Transfer contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, music, and calendar between phones can be possible with this software. Another important feature is, it lets you back up your phone data to your computer, and restore backups to any Android or iOS devices whenever you need.

Samsung Smart Switch
You can transfer contacts, photos, music, messages, and other data with Samsung Smart Switch. It gives you the freedom to move your contacts, music, photos, calendar, text messages, device settings and more to your new supported Samsung Galaxy device.


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