These days, it is very difficult to get free food. But it is very easy to get free online tools and services. You have a number of email accounts in different platforms, a number of social networking account on different platforms, you have free Gigabits of the storage account as your own, you have a free operating system on your phone, you can use a lot of free internet web browsers, free office tools, and you can even get free WiFi from public WiFi services.

Amazing! why people are giving everything for free. If they want to provide something free, definitely that will be free food. But no one ready to offer it free. That means there is something behind every free service. These services need your information, like your browsing history, your shopping history, your interests, and a lot more. Why they need it? They want to show relevant advertisements relevant to you. So your browsers, your search engine, the social websites you are visiting, all are looking for your information.

So, you want to do some private browsing, don’t worry, every web browser has an Incognito mode to keep your privacy. You need to use the incognito window to run a separate browser window. In incognito mode the browser doesn’t save your browsing history, cookies, visited site information, and the form fields. So how to use Incognito mode in each browser.

Chrome is the popular browser amount of internet users due to the simplicity and fast browsing capability. In your Google Chrome browser at the top right corner, click the three dots (more). Click More>New incognito Window, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+n. A new window appears, check for the Incognito icon at the top right corner to ensure that the new window is open in incognito mode. You can switch between Incognito windows and regular browser window. In the same way in your smartphone, in the Android Chrome browser, at the top of the address bar, you can click More to see the New Incognito Tab option.

Private browsing does not save any information related to your browsing history, so no one can find any trace after ending your browsing session. This will ensure and prevents the trackers from collecting your data from the browser. You can access the Private window (Firefox term for Incognito mode) by clicking the Open menu button at the top right corner of the Firefox browser, click New Private Window in the open menu, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shit+P. If you want to open a link in a private window while you are browsing on a normal window, just Right-click on the link and select Open Link in New Private Window.

Microsoft Edge
In the Edge browser, incognito mode is termed as InPrivate mode. You can protect your browsing history, temporary internet files, and cookies using the InPrivate tabs. In Microsoft Edge, select Settings and More at the top right corner of the browser window and click New InPrivate Window, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P.

Opera Browser
Opera is a free and fast browser offering an integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN) facility to secure your internet searching. You can access the Private window in opera by going to Menu at the top left corner of the browser, click File>New Private Window, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shit+N.

As you can see in all browsers there is a private window mode to ensure more privacy for your browsing activities and it is located at the menu settings at the top right corner of each browser. Even if you are using the Incognito or Private browsing mode, your internet service provider, or your employer or the internet network provider can gather the information.


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