Do you want to draw something, but don’t have any idea to do it? Do you want to convert your photo to sketch image to display it as your profile picture in your social media account? But don’t have any skill to draw a single line artistically. Don’t worry, this software is for you, to convert your real photos to artistic sketches, without touching a pencil or crayons.

You can convert your photos to sketches with the help pencil sketch photo effect tools, to create a real piece of artwork from your pictures. You can make a realistic pencil sketch from your photo using a single click. You can amaze your friends with your picture sketch, print it and put it into a frame! At first, we are looking deep into some online tools that will help you to convert your photos to sketch without the need for any graphical knowledge or skills. Second, we look into some popular photo editing software, and explains how to do in it.

Funny Photo
You can make graphite pencil sketch effect on this site. The site offers this effect in two variants. The first is pure drawing, that means it looks like a piece of cartridge-paper with a picture on it. The second is with realistic pins, this is best for sending ecards. The online tools automatically convert your picture into a black and white pencil sketch.

With this online tool, you can convert any type of picture into a realistic pencil sketch that looks like the work of professional artists. You can make artwork from photos using pencil, pen, and ink, charcoal, crayon, chalk, watercolor, pastel, etc. using this tool without using any of them.

You can make look like real hand-drawn sketches from your photos without learning any graphical techniques. What you have to do is, choose the picture format that you wish to download the image. Then selecting the sketch effect that you want to apply to your images. Depending on the size of the image it takes 15seconds to 2 minutes to apply the effect completely. Now select the image or photo that you want to convert and click the ‘send this image’ button.
This is a free photo editing software available to download. offers essential tools to edit or modify your photos without the need for any high-cost tools. Install software, go to ‘Effects’ menu, then go to ‘artistic’ sub-menu, here you can see ‘ink sketch’, ‘oil painting’, and ‘pencil sketch’ options. This tool mimics traditional artistic drawing mediums like ink, pencil, and oil.

The pencil sketch effect transforms your photo to look like a picture sketched with a pencil. In the ‘pencil sketch’, you can see two settings, ‘Pencil tip size’ and ‘Range’. ‘Pencil tip size’ determines how sharp or blunt the virtual pencil is. The higher the values the thicker the pencil, the lines appear heavier. Smaller values give sharp results like a sharper pencil. Now, the ‘Range’, it is used for applying how much detail to be captured in the sketch. In ‘Oil painting’ it is ‘Brush size and ‘Coarseness’, the Coarseness value in the Oil Painting effect is equivalent to ‘Range’ in the pencil sketch. The low value of Coarseness yields less detail, while higher values reveal smaller details.

Gimp is a free cross-platform image editor. To turn the photo to sketch, in Gimp, open your photo then apply ‘Sobel edge effect’ (Filters>Edge>Detect>Sobel). Then bring out detail with an auto-equalize ( Layer>Colors>Auto>Auto-Equalize) of the Sobel edge detect and convert it to greys using desaturate (Layer>Colors>Desaturate). Then adjust curves (Image>Colors>Curves). Then applying some effects makes a decent sketch effect. A bit tedious than the above-mentioned methods. Click the Gimp’s link to show the full tutorial.

Smartphone Apps
If you want some apps to convert your photos into sketches using your mobile phone, iColorama, Artomaton, etc. are good tools for the iPhone. For Android, Pencil sketch, Pencil Photo Sketch, and Photo Sketch Maker are good tools.


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