Youtube offers a fantastic platform for creators to upload their videos to share with internet audience across the world. For us, Youtube is a place to see the video of beautiful places, learn new things, experience different food recipes and exploring the latest gadgets reviews and users feedback. For kids, it is a place to watch an unlimited number of Nursery rhymes and various kids videos to enjoy.

When we are searching for something on Youtube, by default, Youtube shows the ‘most relevant’ results in the result page. On the next time when you are searching for something on Youtube, just click the ‘Filter‘ (appeared on the left side just below the search bar). A new box is opened up displaying, Upload date, Type, Duration, Features, and SortBy. You can filter by the type of content like video, playlist, or movie.

Sort By
By default, Youtube video searches using ‘Relevance‘ to view the videos matched to your search query. Do you want o find the new videos uploaded within a week? Simple, click ‘Upload date‘, the videos are sorted based on the uploaded data. It is highly useful to view the latest videos uploaded to Youtube. Do you want to see the most viewed videos on Youtube about your searched subject? Click ‘View Count‘, the videos are sorted by arranging the top viewed the video first then the second soon. You can also see the number of views received for that video and the published year. You may notice that some videos get more views within a few weeks of time. This is highly useful to predict the popularity of a topic among the users. ‘Rating‘, will help to sort videos based on rating.

Upload Date
In the ‘Upload Date‘ in the ‘SortBy‘, the search will sort videos based on the uploaded data and time. But if you want to search for videos uploaded ‘Today‘ or ‘This week‘ or ‘ This month‘, or ‘This Year‘. Use these commands to search videos published within a prescribed time limit.

Do you want to find out different youtube channels available on your topic?
Enter the search term in the Youtube search box (eg: Game review), then use ‘Channel‘ in ‘Type‘. You can see the list of channel available offering various game reviews. You can use more than one filter at a time. Just search for ‘Technology‘ in the Youtube search box and select ‘Channel‘ in ‘Type‘. Now the available channels related to Technology will be displayed. Now you want to see the most popular channel about Technology on Youtube. In the ‘Filter‘ drop-down menu, under the ‘Sort By‘, click on ‘ View Count‘. Now the channels are again sorted based on the viewership. You can see the top channel in the Technology filed with a total number of subscribers and total videos posted on that channel. If you searched on Youtube as I mentioned above, you will get a list like the one shown below.

If you are looking for only 4K content, do ‘4K‘ search in ‘Features‘ the filter. Need HD videos, search ‘HD‘. By the same way you can search for 360 degree videos, HDR videos, videos based on location ans soon.


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