One of the interesting feature introduced in the email service is the video chat feature, which enables us to make video chat with friends who are available online at the time. I used the feature in my Gmail account and able to chat with some old friends whom I missed after my graduation. The long video chat also helps me to meet some other friends of mine who is also working with my old friend. But the problem I faced during the video chat option is that I can talk to a person at a time. So, my friend need to handover his seat to another friend who is also interested to talk to me. 


    Now the video chat feature in Gmail is upgraded with the Hangout option. You can now chat face-to-face-to-face in with up to nine persons in Gmail. To  do this, start a Google+ Hangout from Gmail to video chat with up to nine people at once and can watch YouTube videos with friends. To get started, click on the hangout button at the top of your chat list in Gmail. The old video chat in Gmail was based on peer-to-peer technology, but the new Hangouts utilize the power of Google’s network to deliver higher reliability and enhanced quality. Using the new Hangouts feature you will now be able to reach your friends not only when they are using Gmail but also if they are on Google+ in the browser or on their Android or iOS devices.

     This new feature will available to all Gmail users, but if you and the person you are chatting with also use Google+, then you will get even more from the Hangouts experience. The important thing with new feature is you can do video chat with up to nine people at once, watch YouTube videos together, collaborate on Google documents and also share your screen.The Hangouts has a bunch of fun effects that you can try out, like you can wear a virtual mustache or pirate hat.

     Have you experienced the new Hangouts feature in Gmail? Did you liked it? You can do more with Hangouts, if you and your friends have Google+ accounts and don’t forget to share your experience with our readers.


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