Which is the best place to watch the Olympics event? ESPN or Star sports or even to go to London to watch the games in it’s full swing. You can watch Olympics in TV, but you have a more convenient way in YouTube. The official Olympic YouTube channel www.youtube.com/olympics is the best place to watch the Olympics in high definition. You can watch the action in 1080p resolution, if you have a fast broadband connection. There are five resolutions available from 240p onwards, but expect a much sharper picture from 360p onwards. 

Official Olympic Channel

   There are eleven channels you can choose from, just click the sports icon that you want to see. The are seven Live channels are arranged, you can view the live actions by selecting the event that you want to watch. You can pause a live action, rewind go forward and can also watch replays at your leisure. The official Olympic channel has 287,565 subscribers and has got 24,798,811 video views.

Official Olympic YouTube channel -  www.youtube.com/olympics


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